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Padgett and Company Job#2190

Award Winning


We are an award-winning medical industrial design firm with over 30 years’ experience, provides companies worldwide with innovative product designs.


BWe offers a comprehensive product development design service that is optimized for the intended market with award winning aesthetics, superior functionality and minimal cost.


CWe delivers strong product research and intensive investment in product ideation, giving clients the best solutions for their new inventions or product ideas.



DUnlike most design firms, which simply provide their clients with a drawing package and then ignore the eventual production start-up challenges, IDS delivers continued support for as long as clients request it.

Medical Product Design

Medical products and devices are one of the most demanding and prized market areas in the industrial design profession because of their challenging visual, ergonomic and highly functional requirements. First-class design in this field benefits society by applying “state of the art technologies” to life enhancing and life saving products.

IDS has delivered design expertise to makers of large and small medical devices. It has been involved in the design of body fluid analyzers, imaging equipment, rehabilitation products, surgical devices, and countless other medical items. It doesn’t matter if your product is a small handheld probe, a tabletop analyzer or a large room sized medical device, IDS will provide your product with impressive market presence and customer appeal.

IDS has a sterling track record for companies ranging in size from Bayer Diagnostics to Christie Medical. Its design excellence has been recognized with awards from

  • IDSA
  • MDEA
  • Society of Plastics Engineers
  • ID Magazine

Take a moment to look at some of the innovative products IDS has designed and feel free to contact the IDS team if you are interested in discussing your next project.

X-Ray System


X-Ray Film ID Flasher


UV Curing Light